"Charon" 14" Water Pipe w/ Propeller Perc

"Charon" 14" Water Pipe w/ Propeller Perc

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This bong by Sesh Supply stands 14" tall. It has a straight tube made from scientific glass (borosilicate), with a thick base that is very sturdy. "Charon" also sports a propellor percolator at the bottom of the stemless down tube, which actually spins as water filters smoke through it. 

The "Charon" water pipe also features an ice catch, and comes with an 18.8mm male glass bowl attachment. This is a high quality bong that is extremely durable, made with some of the thickest glass out there. 


  • 90 Degree Joint 
  • Sesh Supply Logo
  • Straight Tube 
  • Scientific Glass 
  • Propellor Perc 
  • Glass Bowl Included 
  • Ice Catch 


  • 14" 


  • 18.8mm Female

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